My Rating Scale

My first review will be coming out on Friday, and in advance of that I wanted to show the way I am reading and rating books.

/5 Overall enjoyability:

Sometimes, despite poor technical writing, and plot holes or errors, a book is just a pleasure to read. Conversely, some of the best technically written and/or popular books on the market aren’t fun to get through (I was so unhappy with everything in it, it took me a MONTH to read The Catcher in the Rye, and it’s tiny!). Enjoyment is one of the main reasons I read, so that’s why it will be a criterion in my rating scale.

/10 Quality of story:

Is it a good story? Is it predictable? Is it unique? Obviously, this is huge. This is the biggest and most important part of reading for me, so I’ve weighted it’s value higher.

/5 Quality of writing:

Bad punctuation, spelling and grammar can completely pull my highly distractable mind out of the story, so this is a big factor for me.

Score will be averaged to fit in the typical 5-star framework used on GoodReads and other book blogs.

It’s not rocket science, but now you’ll see the framework for all reviews to come out in the future!


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