Monthly Archives: October 2013

WIP Update

Wow. Organization can rock. I spent several hours last night… Okay, actually I was forced to (thanks to a printing error) to do some editing. But I had a full-draft hard copy printed, that I just won’t be able to pick up for a few days. Err… I’m still VERY bothered by this. Anyways. Not […]

Quick Check-in

Well, I officially do not meet internalized deadlines well. I’m a last minute, fire-under-the-feet kind of person, and so this planning ahead and trying to work through the project in smaller, manageable bites is not going great. I can’t seem to trick myself into feeling the fire on my self-imposed deadlines. I want to take […]

Musical Inspiration… Err… Sort of.

TODAY WILL BE A 10,000 word day. It must. Words written so far: 0. But I have more important items to discuss. I heard some lyrics that struck me today, and I realized, holy shit this is EXACTLY how I would describe Character T in my WIP. But then I realized it’s a love/sex song, […]

Fangirl Confessions and Failure.

Well… How does one begin to admit the FANGIRL crush I have on NYT Bestselling author, Marissa Meyer? Well it starts with my love affair of Cinder, which was one of my favourite reads of 2013 (so was Scarlet, the sequel!) It continues with the fact that Meyer was the first author to talk to […]

Off to a Strong Start!

Well, so far, the month of writing has started off strong! Maybe public declarations of deadlines is the way to go. I’m thrilled with my progress so far, and hoping to get another 10,000 words done this weekend. Yesterday’s word count: 3,598 Today’s word count: 2,935

October Goals

Wow – two posts in two days has to almost be a record for me! In keeping with Operation Ambitious, I thought I would do my best to keep myself accountable. Read one non-school book per week (I NEED to reduce the number of books on my nightstand… Plus they are look so good!) (Re)Writing […]

Operation: Ambitious

Okay, so my ass has been dragging. The solution? A public call-to-arms, obviously. Novel #2 and current WIP has a firm deadline: November 1. OMFG. And so, I will now post weekly check ins with the word counts and current struggles/challenges. Hopefully this will reignite my blogging passion, but working on more posters of the […]