Quick Check-in

Well, I officially do not meet internalized deadlines well. I’m a last minute, fire-under-the-feet kind of person, and so this planning ahead and trying to work through the project in smaller, manageable bites is not going great. I can’t seem to trick myself into feeling the fire on my self-imposed deadlines. I want to take the time to do this right, so I’m working at getting my head back in the game and my focus up.

Nano is coming up soon, and while I had originally planned on outlining for it… I may have to wing it… Again. Oops. I need to get this WIP completed by the end of the month, and that is definitely more of a priority than outlining.

In other news, I’ve been telling a select few of my close friends and family about the WIP, and it is exciting to share something that’s so important to me with them. Maybe one day I’ll work up the nerve to come right out and tell people I’m a writer. Because I love to write.

Alas, not yet. I’ll stick to sharing my deepest and darkest with my internet friends 🙂

Over and out.


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