WIP Update


Organization can rock.

I spent several hours last night… Okay, actually I was forced to (thanks to a printing error) to do some editing. But I had a full-draft hard copy printed, that I just won’t be able to pick up for a few days. Err… I’m still VERY bothered by this.

Anyways. Not wanting to waste an evening where I had some precious free time (exams and projects are gearing up FAST), I decided to follow some fabulous advice I’ve collected from other author’s blogs and develop chapter summaries. One page summaries of each chapter with all of the major points, as well as a word count, so I can see areas where something might not be fleshed out perfectly, or where there is some inconsistencies.

It was an exercise in organization and patience (neither of which are my strong suits)…

But. It. Worked.

Inspiration is back. Ideas are flowing, and I know *exactly* how to fix the weaker areas of the WIP, which areas are strong and can be made stronger.

Essentially, this is the most confident I’ve been in a draft, EVER and it is going to be awesome. I am so stoked.

So my next few days will be spent running though school work… But also with brainstorming and tweaking. FINE TUNING.

I am SO stoked.


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