My Next Big Step

Hi there!

Well, today is officially my deadline. I’m happy to report I succeeded, and handed in a complete 61,000 word manuscript (the former WIP – now referred to as the Sky novel) to an editor.

Yep. An editor. That’s what I’d like to talk about today.

I follow a lot of author blogs, and one thing I’ve learned over the last year of following them, is that no one way is the “right” way to do… anything. Some writers are plotters, some are pantsers. Some have degrees in creative writing, others have no background other than their love of books. Some have CPs, some don’t. Some have literary agents, some don’t.

Well, I decided to pursue a slightly different route. My Sky novel is my second completed novel. My first began as a NaNo novel, and I spent three months editing it on and off afterwards. Then I foolishly got impatient, shared it with a few friends to read, and then happily sent it off to agents.

I know what you’re thinking… “NOOOOOO!!!!”

Shocker… I sent out 5 queries and got back 4 rejections. (Don’t get too excited, I just never heard back from the one agent).

And I don’t blame them at all. My MS wasn’t ready. I was just tired of editing it, and (in hindsight), I just wanted to pass on the problem to someone else. Which is the WRONG thing to do.

So this time, with my Sky novel, I’m trying to do it right. And one of those things I need to do is learn more. I have an almost-complete business degree, and I work in a bookstore. So pretty much, I know nothing about how to properly develop a story, or to best position it for success. But I believe in my story. In fact, I’m incredibly proud of it, and it is already in a MILLION times better of a position than my first manuscript ever was.

So the point… Is that I am hiring an editor to edit my MS before I query it. She isn’t cheap, but I hope that I am paying for quality. She’s in the industry, so she will be able to help smooth out issues and point out holes, before I query it. I’m considering this an investment in my novel, and in my learning.

She’ll have the edited MS back to me in December, and I’ll be waiting on pins and needles until then. But, luckily I have a NaNo project to get started on (four days late – I have some catching up to do!)

So for the next month, all entries will be on the new project, as I am going to put the Sky novel in a drawer until I hear back from *my* editor 🙂

Ahhhhhhh…. This writer is currently in happy-land. 🙂


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