When this girl fails, she goes all out

I originally began writing this post in December. Truthfully, it was entitled the “Pre-Christmas Check-In.”

As you can now see, it is mid-February. So my unintended break is over. Phew. In passing, I hope Christmas treated everyone well and that you had a merry New Year. I also wish you a happy Chinese New Year, and a happy Groundhog Day, and a happy Valentine’s Day.

I think we’re now caught up.

To recap: I sent the WIP to my editor. I then alternated between sitting on my hands to ensure I did no work on it while it was away and compulsively stalking her Twitter and website looking for ANY HINT OF WHAT SHE THOUGHT because ohmigawd… I felt exposed.

I’ve talked about this before, how hard it has been for me to share that I am a writer with even friends and family. It’s truly only my inner-inner-circle-of-best-and-closest-friends and family-who-wondered-if-I-went-missing-while-I-was-in-the-revision-cave who I willingly told about the WIP.

So you would think then that coming off of SUBMITTING WIP TO A PROFESSIONAL I would be totally okay with the exposure.


I received the revisions… and couldn’t open the document. Because I was afraid.

Luckily, Christmas was approaching and so it was easy to discount the edits because I had present shopping, cookie making, eggnog drinking, etc to do.

Then I sprained my ankle. You’d think bedridden would mean “tons of time to edit.”


Then my last semester of school began. Seriously, I’m a university graduate in April. AHHHH. Real life beckons.

Editor emailed me to check in. I replied everything was fine.

It wasn’t until two weeks ago that I finally opened the documents and began reading her feedback. After steeling myself with a bottle of wine. I prepared to be eviscerated.

I am an idiot.

My editor was wonderful. Her comments were insightful and more than I could have hoped. One of my biggest fears (apart from her hating it and refusing to read it) was that she would want to change everything. I am okay with changes. But I want to be the one to do them and suggest them. Her comments were perfect for me. Instead of “write this this way,” I got comments like “dialogue feels forced, motivations unclear.” So I can see where the manuscript is weak, but I also get to be the one to fix it.  It’s exactly what I wanted.

So I am back and in revisions… AGAIN. But it’s good. And eventually I will work up the nerve to email her, hope she hasn’t forgotten me and my story, and ask the questions that the careful review of her edits have generated.

Wish me luck! In the meantime, I’ll be around.


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