The Year of Being Brave

Hello dear blog. It’s been a while… Again. Whoops.

Good news. I officially have nothing else detracting from my ability to write or blog! (Yeah, right)

What I mean is that I have completed my degree and graduated university. Whoo hoo! It only took six damn years.

I’m going to be using this summer to polish my WIP and hopefully begin the querying process.

Oh yeah, and hunt for a day job.

This brings me to the being brave part of this post. I turned down a job offer this week. A real, “grown-up” job that paid relatively well. And I don’t have any other sure-bet prospects on the horizon.

Crazy, I know. But let me tell you why.

Even though this job was a good starter job, it wasn’t the perfect job, not by a long shot. For the next few months, I’m in a unique position where I can be picky, and no one but myself is negatively impacted. No spouse, no mortgage, no children, no pets. For this reason primarily, I’m holding out for more. I know getting the “perfect” job immediately out of school is a long shot (even for someone with all the co-ops and summer industry work experience that I have). But I want more. If I can’t have the perfect job, I want it to be in one of my top three cities I want to live in. If the job isn’t perfect, I want to work in an environment surrounded by people who love their jobs, and are hopefully nice people who want to be my friend (since I will be moving to a new city for the job). If the job isn’t perfect, then hopefully it will pay well enough that I can pay down some of those dreaded student loans and save up some travel money.

Until then, I’m holding out for more.

And writing.

So I’ll be on the blog a lot more consistently over the next few months. Last summer marked Europe and the first inklings of the idea which is now my WIP. This summer marks a commitment to blogging, writing, and enjoying the last of my youth. 😉 After August, it’s all retirement savings plans, 9-5s and soul mate finding.

(… I kid, I kid)


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