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Fiction that isn’t…

Fiction that isn’t an author’s personal adventure into the frightening or unknown isn’t worth writing Franzen Advertisements

Why You Must Follow Your Dreams

Why You Must Follow Your Dreams I absolutely adore many of the posts on Thought Catalog, but this one takes the cake. Ryan says everything I’d like to say, and he does it better. Highlights include: “Growing up I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, which I think is true of most writers. Because, besides putting […]

1-Year Blogiversary!

Holy cow. When I started blogging a year ago, I was mostly looking for a way to channel my nervous energy about writing into something productive. I had finished my first ever manuscript (started and “won” at NaNo the year prior), and then spent 6 months editing it. I was burnt out from that project, […]

Get scared. It …

Get scared. It will do you good. Smoke a bit, stare blankly at some ceilings, beat your head against some walls, refuse to see some people, paint and write. Get scared some more. Allow your little mind to do nothing but function. Stay inside, go out – I don’t care what you’ll do; but stay […]

On Being Stuck

As a recent business degree graduate, I feel qualified to share this bit of wisdom. There’s a way of thinking in the business world that if a company isn’t growing, it’s dying. The concept being that no status quo will ever improve your position for the future, and can only lead to stagnation. In the […]