Monthly Archives: July 2014

On Rejection

Hello dear blog, Today I’d like to briefly chat about rejection and the influence it can have on pretty much every aspect of your life. No, I haven’t been secretly querying (although this lesson will be excellent practice for when the time arrives…). I have been job hunting. I’m sure most people are aware of […]

Art Should Disturb…

I promise there’s a thoughtful blog post coming soon. I will not neglect this blog, not again. But real-life distractions have been pulling me away. In the meantime, here’s another of my favourite quotes.        

This is Tricky

Today’s creative process is brought to you by a photo I’ve stolen from a friend on Facebook. She’s a painter, but the process holds true for writing. This is where I’m at in the WIP, having undergone some extensive revisions in the early chapters. Right now I’m at #2… There’s hope I may achieve #5 […]