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This is Tricky

Today’s creative process is brought to you by a photo I’ve stolen from a friend on Facebook. She’s a painter, but the process holds true for writing. This is where I’m at in the WIP, having undergone some extensive revisions in the early chapters. Right now I’m at #2… There’s hope I may achieve #5 […]

On Being Stuck

As a recent business degree graduate, I feel qualified to share this bit of wisdom. There’s a way of thinking in the business world that if a company isn’t growing, it’s dying. The concept being that no status quo will ever improve your position for the future, and can only lead to stagnation. In the […]

Do The Work

There’s an abundance of blogs, motivational speeches, and lies we tell ourselves about doing what we love and not wasting our time on things we hate. Statements like, “if today was your last day, you wouldn’t want to be wasting it on _____.” On a large, broad scale, I agree with these statements. I’ve lived […]

When this girl fails, she goes all out

I originally began writing this post in December. Truthfully, it was entitled the “Pre-Christmas Check-In.” As you can now see, it is mid-February. So my unintended break is over. Phew. In passing, I hope Christmas treated everyone well and that you had a merry New Year. I also wish you a happy Chinese New Year, […]

WIP Update

Wow. Organization can rock. I spent several hours last night… Okay, actually I was forced to (thanks to a printing error) to do some editing. But I had a full-draft hard copy printed, that I just won’t be able to pick up for a few days. Err… I’m still VERY bothered by this. Anyways. Not […]


Sucks. But then it’s great. But then it sucks again. Worse. And then you add wine and it’s not as bad. But mostly, it’s like taking a fossilized piece of mud from the bottom of the lake and deciding you’re going to try to polish it with a shoe cloth and hope to find a […]