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On Rejection

Hello dear blog, Today I’d like to briefly chat about rejection and the influence it can have on pretty much every aspect of your life. No, I haven’t been secretly querying (although this lesson will be excellent practice for when the time arrives…). I have been job hunting. I’m sure most people are aware of […]

1-Year Blogiversary!

Holy cow. When I started blogging a year ago, I was mostly looking for a way to channel my nervous energy about writing into something productive. I had finished my first ever manuscript (started and “won” at NaNo the year prior), and then spent 6 months editing it. I was burnt out from that project, […]

On Being Stuck

As a recent business degree graduate, I feel qualified to share this bit of wisdom. There’s a way of thinking in the business world that if a company isn’t growing, it’s dying. The concept being that no status quo will ever improve your position for the future, and can only lead to stagnation. In the […]

Do The Work

There’s an abundance of blogs, motivational speeches, and lies we tell ourselves about doing what we love and not wasting our time on things we hate. Statements like, “if today was your last day, you wouldn’t want to be wasting it on _____.” On a large, broad scale, I agree with these statements. I’ve lived […]

When this girl fails, she goes all out

I originally began writing this post in December. Truthfully, it was entitled the “Pre-Christmas Check-In.” As you can now see, it is mid-February. So my unintended break is over. Phew. In passing, I hope Christmas treated everyone well and that you had a merry New Year. I also wish you a happy Chinese New Year, […]

Quick Check-in

Well, I officially do not meet internalized deadlines well. I’m a last minute, fire-under-the-feet kind of person, and so this planning ahead and trying to work through the project in smaller, manageable bites is not going great. I can’t seem to trick myself into feeling the fire on my self-imposed deadlines. I want to take […]

Fangirl Confessions and Failure.

Well… How does one begin to admit the FANGIRL crush I have on NYT Bestselling author, Marissa Meyer? Well it starts with my love affair of Cinder, which was one of my favourite reads of 2013 (so was Scarlet, the sequel!) It continues with the fact that Meyer was the first author to talk to […]